Nick Barber

Senior Analyst

Forrester Research

Nick Barber specializes in video technologies, digital asset management (DAM) for customer experience, and personalization technologies. In the video space he covers online video platforms for sales and marketing and enterprise video technologies for training and employee experience. Nick also researches DAM, which has become a cornerstone technology for enterprises as they dramatically increase their creation of rich media content like images, video, and 3D assets. On the personalization front, Nick is exploring how personalized customer experiences live at the intersection of data and content and how the understanding of that content can be augmented with artificial intelligence.  

Nick has nearly 15 years of professional experience in the technology and media industries. Prior to joining Forrester, Nick was the director of online video at IDG, where he was a technology news journalist for PC World, Computerworld, and other sites in IDG's global network. He built IDG's award-winning global video presence from both a content and technology perspective, and he produced thousands of videos on a range of enterprise and consumer topics. His work has appeared on ABC News,, and in a major motion picture. 

Nick earned a B.S. in journalism from Boston University, where he also currently teaches as an adjunct professor.