Lauren Dohr


MediaVerse Information Management

Lauren is an information management professional who designs strategies, processes and solutions for the agile use of information assets across the organization. Bridging technology teams and content production groups with other business units to get businesses the information they need, she collaboratively defines and develops procedures and measures for data, metadata and information asset management. 

Connecting people with information, processes and technology to make all parts of information ecosystem work well together, Lauren works at all organizational levels advising in better use of data and metadata for improved decisions on re-purposing and monetizing content. This includes improving quality and accessibility of information, increasing efficiency of business processes and workflows, and delivering greater return on technology investments by turning data into knowledge. She balances the user’s perspective and needs for information to drive the overall technology corporate goals. Lauren excels in analyzing and mapping all aspects of information interactions and data flows.

Lauren is passionate about getting the right metadata for the most meaningful impact that drives the processes for managing content across siloed systems and making content and Information flow through the content supply chain by removing wasteful processes and increasing both collaboration and asset usage.