Mark Parkinson

Director for Next Generation Technology At Mars


Prior to joining Mars in January 1999, Mark was a research Physicist, his PhD was in Solid State Physics. In his 20 year career at Mars, Mark has always been in the Digital Technologies area. 

Mark's current role is Director for Next Generation Technology at Mars, where he leads a team of experts in Machine learning who work across segments and functions to tackle the most difficult problems Mars has to solve. 

In his extensive career at Mars, Mark has worked in many roles: from local support in SAP, development of a global business process template, SAP deployments, business partnership, overseeing the entire IT service delivery for a new factory, program and project management roles, managing North American chocolate infrastructure and the global collaboration development manager in the Digital Workplace team where he was responsible for the development and deployment of many of the capabilities in Mars today, from Sharepoint and Yammer through to Skype for business.