Festival of DAM 2023

A celebration of all things Digital Asset Management



Christa Anderson Carter

Customer Project/Program Manager of Managed Services Creative

Dealer.com – COX Automotive

Christa Anderson is a Project/Program Manager for Dealer.com – a COX Automotive brand, and has been in the DAM space for 8 years honing her expertise of workflow management and creative team operations. She works with teams across the company to transform the way they work by: asking the right questions, looking at the bigger picture, dialing in their process, and helping them pick the right tools to make collaboration seamless and assets accessible.

Christa manages a storage solution of over 2 million files that her team grows by over 10 thousand files a month. She has spearheaded standing up, training and implementing her teams current storage solution and expanded a DAM that was designed for a team of 30 to over 1000 people across dozens of teams.


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What others say

I have over 10 years of experiences as a DAM, and  I am always looking forward to the Festival of DAM or any other event organized by Henry Stewart. The conferences are always presented by experts of the matter. Anyone interested in DAM should attend.

Jair Hernandez Castillo

HS DAM events enable me to gain valuable insight into setting up a DAM solution for success within an organisation.

Rebecca Chamberlain
Marks and Spencer

HS DAM events are THE place to benefit from the experience of a vast and varied community.

Liam Bennett
TEMPUR Sealy International