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Using a DAM to Power Productivity Across Distributed Teams

November 8, 11:45 AM EST

With a decade of experience working on marketing teams, James Langan, Senior Global Brand Specialist at ACAMS, knows the challenges of managing media content all too well. In 2020, when ACAMS changed to a remote working culture, he knew that a DAM would be critical to centralizing marketing assets and driving workflow efficiency.

Today, ACAMS uses their DAM to enable its global employees, as well as 82,000 members, with instant access to brand assets. With a centralized library and strong metadata structure, the ACAMS team spends their time fighting financial crime – rather than finding or re-creating files.

In this interview, James shares his experience with implementing a DAM that powers productivity across distributed teams. He will cover:

  • Lessons learned from building a DAM for remote teams
  • Leaning into AI to enable more efficient asset discovery
  • Using a DAM to keep global teams connected
  • Finding a DAM that allows you to scale


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HS DAM events are fantastic as they provide an opportunity to learn more about all things DAM. It is also a great place to meet others in the field.

Jennifer Windels

I have over 10 years of experiences as a DAM, and  I am always looking forward to the Festival of DAM or any other event organized by Henry Stewart. The conferences are always presented by experts of the matter. Anyone interested in DAM should attend.

Jair Hernandez Castillo

HS DAM events never let me down. I always come away with new information or perspectives that hadn’t occurred to me, which, add to my knowledge base and enhance what I am able to contribute in my role at L’Oreal.

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