Festival of DAM 2022

A celebration of all things Digital Asset Management



Ken Zordani

VP of Sales


Ken Zordani is a veteran of tackling problems with technology, and more importantly unearthing core pain points to solve with the right technology and tools that should interoperate in your intelligent digital eco-systems. Whether you are a product or services company, Ken’s approach to sales is to advise, educate and empower Clients to buy and implement the right enterprise software which fits their organizational needs and culture. His enterprise sales experience across multiple verticals and channels helps individuals and organ​izations bridge gaps to achieve true digital transformation and bring value to their people, processes, and technology stack. Ken’s formative years as a college athlete taught him the value of collaboration to meet the end game desired. He is sought after for his expertise in Digital Asset Management (DAM) and/or Product Information Management (PIM) and the tools and technologies that interoperate in the DAM/PIM eco-system(s).


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What others say

HS DAM events are fantastic as they provide an opportunity to learn more about all things DAM. It is also a great place to meet others in the field.

Jennifer Windels

I have over 10 years of experiences as a DAM, and  I am always looking forward to the Festival of DAM or any other event organized by Henry Stewart. The conferences are always presented by experts of the matter. Anyone interested in DAM should attend.

Jair Hernandez Castillo

HS DAM events never let me down. I always come away with new information or perspectives that hadn’t occurred to me, which, add to my knowledge base and enhance what I am able to contribute in my role at L’Oreal.

Carol Freed
L’Oreal USA