Festival of Creative Operations 2023

Co-located with the Photo Studio Operations Forum, Creative Production Day and the Design Operations Symposium


Pitfalls of Applied Project Management Methodologies in an AI and Emerging Tech Landscape

September 27, 11:45AM EDT

Given the many challenges and constraints creative ops managers need to overcome on a regular basis, it’s easy to fear the new and lean on the old. In this talk, Cheryl will uncover some hidden dangers of strict adherence to project management guidelines in today's evolving world of AI and emerging technologies.  

Through real-world case studies and valuable lessons learned from Sony and currently Apple Marcom, this session will help you:

  • Obtain stakeholder buy-in for the right tools that promote real-time and customizable views into your team’s work
  • Avoid costly development and onboarding of inflexible tools
  • Integrate new processes simply and seamlessly by identifying and leaning on common through lines across your business
  • Differentiate between project management practices to enforce and ones to modify or eliminate
  • Purposefully challenge the status quo without leaving your swim lane
  • Equip yourself with tips and techniques to define your project management practices in recurring scenarios to successfully make impact efficiently and consistently


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What others say

HS Creative Ops events provided both work and life skills ideas I could implement immediately and also allowed me to connect with peers and vendors. I can't put a value on how much this was appreciated and useful!

Ann M Frank

HS Creative Ops events are educational and FUN! The generosity of time and expertise of the vendors and presenters is invaluable in helping us grow our business!

Claire Donnison
Only1AndyWright Photography & Design

A wonderful virtual opportunity to engage and connect with like-minded peers on a variety of topics relevant to the ever-changing landscape of Creative Ops. I really enjoyed this event and look forward to more in the future!

Molly Gallagher