Keywording Creative Content

An Online Educational Series

Search relies on language. Unfortunately, if users do not know how to find what they are looking for, searching digital content can be slow and frustrating, and the results irrelevant.  

Keywords describe key elements of an asset (image, photo, video, file) to signify what it is about. Keywording is very powerful as a way to connect users with assets, helping them do their work efficiently and effectively. But keywords don’t just describe what is shown; they also convey ideas and concepts. Often, abstract elements create the most value for visual communicators. 

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Clemency Wright introduces the course

About the series

This course explains how to apply conceptual keywords to your content. You will learn the role keywords play in enabling your business to tell a story and engage your customers on an emotional level. Moving beyond the basic ‘say what you see’ approach, you will learn how to keyword assets that are difficult to describe in words. We will evaluate multiple keywording methodologies including Taxonomies, Hierarchical Structures and Controlled Vocabularies, and explore how these can be applied to optimize search within your organization.

This Keywording Creative Content course will provide creative teams with the practical skills required to harness conceptual keywords, optimize access to assets, and, as a result, target more customers with relevant content.

Is this the right course for you?

This course is designed for anyone who manages digital images/videos within an organization including commercial agencies, heritage organizations, non-profit organizations, including Photo Library Manager, Digital Asset Manager / Coordinator, Marketing Manager, Content Manager.

You can check out the full course summary here


January 13, 2021 - Session 1: Keywording Fundamentals
January 20, 2021 - Session 2: Keywording: Accuracy and Relevancy
January 27, 2021 - Session 3: Keywording: Consistency
February 3, 2021 - Session 4: Keywording for Creatives