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Anthony Gallo

Chief Product Officer


Anthony is driven by a passion for innovation. He currently leads the Product Strategy at Tenovos Corporation as Chief Product Officer. Anthony has more than 25 years of executive experience leading R&D and Product Teams Globally and is an accomplished technology entrepreneur. At the age of 28 he founded Vizible Corporation with a vision of humanizing the way people interact with digital information. As CTO at Vizibile he created a platform for Immersive Digital Media Experiences that enabled Vizible to become one of the fastest growing technology companies on Deloitte's fast 50 and 500 list taking second place to Apple Corp. for innovation at Computerworld Honors in California.

After the eventual acquisition of Vizible by AT&T and then OpenText Corporation, Anthony became Vice President of R&D and Product for the Customer Experience Management Business Unit at OpenText Corporation that included Web Experience Management, Media Management, and Social Enterprise technologies. Prior to this he was Vice President of Innovation and Strategy. 

Recently Anthony has held Various executive roles in BigData/Analytics and eCommerce Technologies as Vice President of Digital Technology for a Major Canadian retailer developing Data Driven applications for e-Commerce, Loyalty, Banking and Digital Marketing. Anthony has been granted several Patents from the USPTO and has been invited to exhibit at the Museum of Modern art in New York demonstrating how technology and design come together to change how we live, work and play. Anthony has keynoted at several conferences and sits on the board of directors of startup incubators, supporting the next generation of innovators


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