DAM San Diego 2019

The Art and Practice of Managing Digital Media


Interactive Workshops

November 6, 4:30 PM

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Metrics Matter: Let’s Build a Killer Plan

As a creative operations leader, you hear a lot about the importance of metrics. But what if you don’t have any and you don’t know where to start? What if you have a program in place but it’s flailing and you’re questioning the value of the time and effort? Well, let’s fix that! 

A successful metrics program must have three things. 1) Goals. We’ll discuss how your company’s goals and the goals of your creative operation should serve as your guiding lights. 2) Metrics. Simply put, these are the things you count. Based on your goals, we’ll discuss how to figure out what to count, and strategies for counting it (even if you’re light on tech). 3) A megaphone. Ok, maybe a megaphone is overkill, but a communication plan is a must. We’ll discuss how to get the word out about your program, keeping different company cultures in mind, and why it’s critical to do so. 

In this interactive workshop, we will use an outcome-based framework to create a metrics plan specific to your business and your creative operation. Even if you’re already collecting and using some key metrics, your program might be reinvigorated by the new ideas you'll hear from fellow participants. You’ll leave the session with an actionable outline, and a room full of supporters. 


Can Agile Live Up to Its Hype In-House?

Does your in-house agency or creative team want to achieve the powerful benefits of Agile, but face challenges adopting it? Attend our interactive session for insights about the key factors that will help you to position your team for a successful Agile rollout. Hear from process experts experienced in formal Agile practices and traditional in-house agency workflow, to design and codify your team’s approach, training, optimization and ongoing adoption. 

Discover hybrid solutions that can adapt to the organization by marrying features of Agile with aspects of process-lean systems, as well as customized Agile protocols that supercharge workflows while giving teams the autonomy and ownership to create their best customer-centric work in addition to: 

Greater productivity. Rewarding collaboration. Solid business alignment. Creative excellence. Leaps in innovation. Faster go-to-market.  Iterative improvements. Workable flexibility. On-time projects.

Join us in our immersive ‘Escape the Room’ Agile experience to take the first step toward Agile success!

Metrics Matter: Let’s Build a Killer Plan

Can Agile Live Up to Its Hype In-House?

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"Henry Stewart DAM events are an outstanding way to gain first-hand knowledge, network with others, and reinvigorate your own business"

Nancy Burley
Estée Lauder Companies

"HS DAM gave me fantastic ideas to improve our processes and really look at how technology can help us solve business challenges"

Candy Steinhorst
LDS Church

"HS DAM events opened my eyes to the entire realm of what the DAM can do it's not just an archiving tool but so much more if used to its full capacity"

Michael Deeb
Thermo Fisher Scientific