DAM San Diego 2019

The Art and Practice of Managing Digital Media


Digital Rights, Global Usage, Rights of Artists: Why Educating your Organization on this is so Important

November 6, 3:20 PM

We all want to be ethical. Our organization wants to be ethical and legal. But sometimes, something is amiss with the content we’ve captured in the DAM.  

Where did it come from? Who owns it?  Why is my legal counsel calling me?  What do the agencies my organization work with believe?  What does our sourcing department believe?  What do our marketers and marketing communications professionals believe?  What about the artist/creatives who created the content?  

There’s a hodgepodge of beliefs, myths and opinions that can become a nasty hairball if not handled appropriately.  

In this session John De Marco of 3M will explain how all these issues are dealt with at a large multinational company - how they succeeded, and how they continue the good fight, i.e. to do that which is right.

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