DAM San Diego 2019

The Art and Practice of Managing Digital Media


The countdown is on until we reveal the full DAM San Diego 2019 agenda! In the meantime, we are delighted to announce the first 10 unmissable sessionsRegister your interest to ensure you are the first to be informed when the agenda is announced.


DAM from the Ground Up with Kennedy Space Centre
You have been given a DAM project or are brought into a company to build their DAM, how do you get from nothing to a fully functioning DAM? Building a DAM from the ground up can be an intimidating task. Kyle walks through the steps, and hurdles, taken by the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex (KSCVC) to get to a functional DAM. This session covers a diverse array of topics including getting a selection committee, developing initial metadata and asset sets, training, launch, and basic governance.

Share the DAM Love: Blending Operations and Technology to make DAM the link between Creative Operations and Content Management with The Home Depot
In this session, The Home Depot’s DAM team will share how they aligned objectives and strategy across technology and operations in order to choose and migrate to a new DAM while building the program and functionality to support two ends of a content supply chain: from the creation and management of assets to the distribution of assets to other systems and channels. DAM needs to be everything to everyone, and by using Agile methodologies across teams, sharing the same goals, and creating complementary strategies, The Home Depot’s DAM allows for easy collaboration, a positive user experience, increased efficiency, and a foundational system for the MarTech stack.

The Lone Arranger with Mindy Carner, TripAdvisor and Amazon Studios
Many organizations underestimate how much work goes into digital asset management.  So many, in fact, that we now have a popular panel at which the panelists and attendees alike discuss their experiences, woes, tips, tricks and preferences for how to be all things at once.  It can be extremely overwhelming to try to be system administrator, asset librarian, product owner, information governance program lead, metadata strategy lead - sheesh, what else? Join us for some group therapy and hear strategies for how to prioritize workload, petition for your needs, manage expectations, and evangelize for this important program in your organization.  This session is your opportunity to hear and share your experiences and leave with new ideas for how to tackle your DAM program as the "Lone Arranger."

Metadata Matters: It is the Foundation of Your Content with John Horodyski, Dell, Hilton and Disney
Metadata is a strategic imperative in the endeavor to manage effectively a company’s knowledge. The successful implementation of any DAM or content related strategy requires the implementation of a holistic metadata schema that is supported by technology, people and process. It increases the return on investment of a content system by unlocking the potential to ingest, discover, share and distribute assets. This session explores how different industries and organizations manage metadata to fit their business needs, with an interest in customer expectations and experience. This panel will discuss lessons learned, best practices, successes and new developments in the field.

Metadata – File naming is for Dinosaurs: Tried and true or out with the dinosaurs? with John Horodyski and Amazon Studios
File naming conventions have oft been bones of contention within organizations, causing fear and wide-spread panic. Learn the value of when to use a file naming convention and when it needs to enter extinction.

Heart Meets Head: How Data-Driven Creative Destroys Operational Silos with Saatchi & Saatchi
The work of a creative used to solely occupy the time between a planner's brief and a media buy. But now we're on the verge of the biggest shift in advertising since television. The creative process is evolving beyond the linear model into one that's a lot more like jazz, and a lot less like a guitar solo.
Let's talk about how the rise of data-driven creative is turning the old way of creating (plan, create, analyze) into a new, cohesive process that brings subject specialists together and keeps creative operations at its center. The destruction of these operational silos will require us to abandon nostalgia, as well as our egos …

Getting Video Right: How to Create Authentic Content with Audi
In this session, Audi’s Video Creative Director explains why we should forget the old rules of Television Advertising, how to build brand love, and target the right audience. When it comes to video content, one size doesn’t fit all platforms, and getting the right message to the right audience is key…
Join us to get an insight into Audi’s internal creative agency and discover how they manage and execute these projects with efficiency.

Careers Forum with David Lipsey, Mars Veterinary Health, California State University and the Huntington Library
This year's event provides an unrivaled opportunity to network with peers, explore career growth and discover new opportunities in the world of DAM. If you are looking to learn more about how the Role of the DAM Manager is evolving, or are interested in new career opportunities, join this session. 

We'll kick off with a presentation from a seasoned DAM Leader offering their thoughts on how to get ahead professionally in the world of DAM.
A discussion follows moderated by conference chair, David Lipsey, and focusing on such topics as:

  • What makes a great DAM Professional?
  • DAM Careers: Paths in, Across and Upward

Then we break into discussion groups facilitated by DAM Leaders who have volunteered to share their time, knowledge and experience with fellow attendees. They will encourage discussion, and the topics will be driven by your career development needs and questions.

Master Data Management and What it Means for DAM 
As DAM’s role in your environment grows, so does the significance of information mapping or even flowing smoothly between your DAM and other systems, processes and technologies.  Master Data Management, or MDM, is a key discipline in making that “information integration” smooth and usable, and your DAM even more business-relevant.  Designing then implementing then governing the concepts of harmonized metadata, authoritative sources, and master data as a service takes some careful thought (not just technology).  So how do you go about it?  How can DAM use and interact with a master data model that lives elsewhere in the enterprise?  Or provide a master data service to the organization?  Or do both?  Our panel will share their experiences, lessons learned and success stories from tackling this first-hand.

DAM Innovation: Technical Experts Address your Really Tough Questions
Too often, technology seems not quite in step with the marketing hype and sales talk.  What are the hardcore technical issues you're currently facing?  This panel will break through the hype to explore the real innovations and challenges of DAM technology today.  These are the people leading the development and direction of our DAM tools, and they are ready to answer your toughest questions on deployment, integration, cloud, machine learning and where to expect DAM will be in the future.