DAM Europe 2019

The Art and Practice of Managing Digital Media


A Digital Asset Management Life-cycle: The only constant is change!

27 June, 09:40AM

Digital Asset Management solutions, much like the assets they contain as well as who uses them and how they are used, often follows a certain ‘lifecycle’.

The initial stages start with great promise. The vision is established, requirements are gathered, operational models are developed and (if all goes well!) user adoption is a success.

But then… ‘life’ happens, and nothing stays the same for long.
The technology evolves. The media landscape and mix changes. Organisation structures can often be in a constant state of flux. Business priorities continue to develop as the wider ecosystem presents new and different opportunities. All of this within a very competitive environment for the solutions themselves and the companies that use them.

Finally, with all of this going on, the ‘why’ and ‘purpose’ of your solution must remain focused in order to achieve the strategic business objectives!

Victor Lebon will be sharing how organisations can plan ahead by anticipating these changes, capitalise on the opportunities, mitigate risks, keeping the ‘eye on the prize’ and not being afraid of change, but embracing it!