DAM Europe 2019

The Art and Practice of Managing Digital Media


DAM in 2019: Traceability and Trust

27 June, 09:10AM

In the modern world of content and marketing, nothing is more important than trust. One misstep or misrepresentation of what you have to offer and social media is ablaze with comments, sales or engagement can plummet if there’s any doubt in your brand. Fake news, imposter products, and bad data are sadly more rampant than authenticity, genuine quality, and actionable numbers. How can we as digital asset management professionals help build trust in our brands, and illuminate truth?

The traceability of assets — who created them, what they mean, what they're intended for, and ensuring they’re not misused downstream — are the seeds of growing trust in our brands. This session will explore how DAM technology and practice can foster traceability and trust in our assets and our brands, in 2019 and beyond.