DAM Chicago 2019

The Art and Practice of Managing Digital Media


Navigating a New DAM Initiative

September 24, 10:20AM

(Written with a nod to the sailing background of Lands’ End founder Gary Comer)

Join Richard Swaziek of Lands’ End to hear how to navigate the stormy seas of a new DAM initiative, a trip that will lead to peaceful harbor waters of implementation.

The process will require funding from the homeland, critical support and guidance from the Captain, plus a well-seasoned crew in order to enable exploration and ultimately, the beginning of many new fruitful adventures.  

Keen radar systems will be required to collect important information for the careful plotting of the course along the way. Persistence, hard-work, and even some soul-searching will be required as you are almost certain to find yourself in treacherous waters at times.  

The journey will take many months - possibly years - but the bounty at the end will be a great reward!