Making the Big Leap to a New DAM System at the Right Time

February 2, 12:20 PM EST

Collaborative working with all stakeholders and other digital systems

Making the decision to select a new DAM system which must have multiple uses and functionality and be fully aligned with all stakeholder requirements, was, for the museum, amongst the most important aspects of the digital roll-out. 

In this session, we’ll hear from Cécile van der Harten, Head of the Image Department, and Iris Labeur, Account Manager at the Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam about the important decisions involved in selecting a new DAM system at a ‘pinnacle point’ in the museum’s history.

Working closely, in a small team, to prepare user stories and set up an organization to make a solid selection within a set budget and with management alongside right from the start, required collaborative working with marketing, content generation and IT teams.

In this session, we’ll learn about:

  • The decision processes that had to be constructed
  • The importance of content delivery
  • Listening to end-users’ requirements and being prepared to adapt the original spec for the DAM system and to make changes along the way
  • Getting management onboard right from the start
  • Migration challenges - from old to new while, at the same time, keeping a functioning digital archive system in place


February 2, 2022

An Online Event