Growing the Born Digital Archive – Leveraging AI and Automation, and Shifting to Integrations of DAM and Collections Databases

February 2, 11:45 AM EST

The American Museum of Natural History's Research Library began its DAM system implementation in May 2020 at the height of the global Pandemic. During remote working, many of the digital assets stewarded by the Research Library were successfully migrated to the DAM.

Jennifer Cwiok, Systems Librarian, and Kendra Meyer, Shelby White & Leon Levy Digital Archivist at the American Museum of Natural History will take us through the exciting developments of DAM evangelism of primary stakeholders from the Library, IT, and Digital Media Departments, which resulted in onboarding external departments earlier than expected. 

Join Jennifer and Kendra in a review of the speed of transition which has highlighted the need to focus on future funding and upgrades. They will discuss how AI will play a key feature.

Now that the migration process nears completion, we are able to appreciate much clearer the implications of important integrations of the DAM and collections databases.


February 2, 2022

An Online Event