The Content Hub Revolution

Transforming the way we manage content and digital assets

As DAM has grown beyond its traditional silo in recent years and taken a starring role in the enterprise technology stack, vendors and enterprises alike have evolved their products and strategies to create and serve Content Hubs. These DAM-centric aggregation platforms bring content together from multiple different sources into a unified, single tool and user interface. They've become "the holy grail" for enterprises large and small, driven by strong industry forces:
  • The need to manage content and digital assets created by different departments, agencies, and individuals in a centralized hub
  • The goal of delivering consistent and targeted omnichannel experiences
  • The desire to measure performance centrally - and to understand how small changes to a bigger collection of content affect the rate of success

About the Series

In this series, moderated by Theresa Regli and featuring many guest speakers, we'll explore what Content Hubs are and how they are revolutionizing the way we're managing content and digital assets. Featuring new approaches and best practices to content aggregation, master data management, and omnichannel publishing, and including both case studies and product examples. Plus Q&As to and from Theresa, guest speakers, and attendees.

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Theresa Regli introduces The Content Hub Revolution

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September - December 2020

An online series