Design Operations Symposium 2023

Co-located with the Festival of Creative Operations, Creative Production Day and the Photo Studio Operations Forum


An Experimental Recipe for Change

September 27, 12:45PM EDT

Creating the Mother Sauce of DesignOps Success.

Join Jackie Ajoux, Senior DesignOps lead, Roblox, as she shares her secret 'mother sauce' recipe for boosting team productivity at Electronic Arts (EA), a leading global interactive entertainment
software company.

Jackie shook up the daily grind in a 400+ person organizational experiment that tested both structured meeting time and focus time. The outcome: she kick-started a work revolution. Teams were not just working harder, but also smarter, and having a lot more fun in the process

The story is one of implementing an innovative focus-time experiment and its subsequent impact.


  • Mixed Method Research: Methodologies that were applied for benchmarking and progress tracking, with an emphasis on learning what improves cross-group productivity and work satisfaction
  • Training and Regular Check-ins: Instituting a training plan that provides options to work
    more efficiently
  • Experiment Design & Execution: what was done and how – including ‘support interventions’ throughout the experiment
  • Change Management and Adoption: The strategy to gauge the culture and appetite for change, and how it was used to foster adoption
  • How a tactful mixed-method, change-management approach, including both top-down and bottom-up change, can maximize what is achieved


In this session Jackie invites you to participate in the storytelling in a ‘choose-your-own-adventure’ by participatory voting to decide where the story goes.

Jackie will cover the details: the underlying research that generated the outcomes, the significant implications for organizational efficiency (especially in the work-from-home arena), and the need for companies to be both flexible and adaptive in their work arrangements.

So, step into the kitchen where the mother source gets created. Grab a spatula. You're not here to just watch; you're here to help provide all the highly flavoured ingredients – to cook up the story, to spice up the tale.

Key Takeaways: insights into the surprising results of change management, how it shaped EA's productivity model, and how you might explore initiating similar changes in your own work environment.


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It was a great opportunity to connect with others in different industries that relate to the same niche function.

Veronnica Krizek

A wonderful virtual opportunity to engage and connect with like-minded peers on a variety of topics relevant to the ever-changing landscape of Creative Ops. I really enjoyed this event and look forward to more in the future!

Molly Gallagher

HS Creative Ops events are educational and FUN! The generosity of time and expertise of the vendors and presenters is invaluable in helping us grow our business!

Claire Donnison
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