Design Operations Symposium 2023

Co-located with the Festival of Creative Operations, Creative Production Day and the Photo Studio Operations Forum


Crafting a Design-led Process: Empowering Strategy and Solution Realisation

September 27, 11:10AM EDT

When we claim that we want an organization to be design-led, it does not imply that design is now in charge of everything. It means that design & research directly affect strategy and the realization
of solutions.

In this talk Angelos Arnis will explore in detail the makings of a design-led process for a scale-up international organization that builds a SaaS B2B product.

Angelos will cover:

  • Getting all the ingredients together
  • Involving the right people
  • Generating and evaluating feedback
  • Advocating the adoption of the new process
  • Shipping the new process and navigating the challenges

This session will inspire participants to embrace a design-led mindset, recognise the influence of
design and research on strategy, and navigate the complexities of implementing the process
in their organisations.

By understanding the practical aspects and potential challenges, participants will be equipped with valuable insights that drive transformative change and achieve meaningful outcomes.

Join Angelos to gain insights, expand understanding, and engage in a thought-provoking discussion.


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What others say

It was a great opportunity to connect with others in different industries that relate to the same niche function.

Veronnica Krizek

A wonderful virtual opportunity to engage and connect with like-minded peers on a variety of topics relevant to the ever-changing landscape of Creative Ops. I really enjoyed this event and look forward to more in the future!

Molly Gallagher

HS Creative Ops events are educational and FUN! The generosity of time and expertise of the vendors and presenters is invaluable in helping us grow our business!

Claire Donnison
Only1AndyWright Photography & Design