Releasing The Power Within: Embrace, Enhance, Excel for Success in DesignOps

November 17, 11:10AM PST

In the dynamic realm of DesignOps, it takes more than a superpower to thrive!

Join Changying (Z) Zheng who spearheads DesignOps at Cloudfare, as she explores the essential skills required to excel in the field and reveals the keys to success as a DesignOps leader.


  • The skills required - celebrate your innate strengths, develop untapped potential, and fortify areas of personal vulnerability.
  • Understand and leverage your existing strengths – even more important than learning new skills.
  • The golden path that unlocks new levels of achievement.
  • Collaboration in DesignOps - no one person possesses all the necessary skills.
  • The art of partnering with others – from individual limitation to enhanced collective capability.
    It’s the team that wins.

Join Z to discover how you can shape your success in DesignOps.

Whether you're a seasoned professional or just starting your journey in the DesignOps field, this talk will equip you with knowledge and insights to navigate challenges and seize opportunities.

What others say

The Design Operations New York 2023 conference was so rewarding! As a DesignOps "team of 1" practitioner, the opportunity to be among other humans who are in the field was so fulfilling. Also, what I learned in those 8 hours is immeasurable. 

Claudia Martinez

HS DesignOps events provided me with the opportunity to connect with similar minded professionals, who I can call friends! Sessions were engaging and provided me some valuable nuggets to take it forward and apply! 

Amit Tripathi

HS Design Operations events provide me with the opportunity to connect with other colleagues in the industry and share learnings to help each other strive to be the most efficient and supportive teams we can be.

Antonia Duffin