LA Creative Summit 2023: The Bottom-Line Takeaways

November 17, 4:00PM PST

Four Chairs of the Four Events Discuss the Multiple Outcomes.


We bring together the chairs of the four co-located events: Creative OperationsDesignOpsPhoto Studio Operations, and Creative Production

They share the insightsstrategies and take-home messages that have impressed them most (and they are not easily impressed). 

  • Discover the trends reshaping the creative landscape
  • Hear about the breakthrough technologies that are driving innovation
  • Learn what are the new and emerging challenges that confront modern creative output and how they can be overcome

This panel goes beyond assertion. It analyses, it evaluates, and it interacts with you (the most important participants in the session).

The panel covers all four events.  Bring your burning questions, your opinions, and your expertise. 

Panel members will answer all questions and respond to all opinions. A dynamic exchange is planned – fast-moving, rapid-fire ‘popcorn’ style - but always rooted in ‘knowledge in practice’ and
‘on-the-job’ experience.

A great opportunity to engage with some of the leading practitioners in the industry.

What others say

The Design Operations New York 2023 conference was so rewarding! As a DesignOps "team of 1" practitioner, the opportunity to be among other humans who are in the field was so fulfilling. Also, what I learned in those 8 hours is immeasurable. 

Claudia Martinez

HS DesignOps events provided me with the opportunity to connect with similar minded professionals, who I can call friends! Sessions were engaging and provided me some valuable nuggets to take it forward and apply! 

Amit Tripathi

HS Design Operations events provide me with the opportunity to connect with other colleagues in the industry and share learnings to help each other strive to be the most efficient and supportive teams we can be.

Antonia Duffin