Amplifying the Power of Design Across the Enterprise

November 17, 9:10AM PST

Design isn’t just for designers: it enables people to solve challenging problems, drive change, and reimagine experiences, regardless of their background. Amplifying the power of design across the enterprise requires creating intentional connections between design professionals and non-designers. That requires DesignOps.

Join Lona Moore as she shares her experience establishing ExxonMobil’s Design Program Office to connect and serve design professionals, skill practitioners, and a global community of design enthusiasts.

Learn how to:

  • Establish and grow design programs that increase the impact of design
  • Translate corporate strategies into scalable, proactive DesignOps initiatives
  • Deliver seamless, unified services for design teams and customers
  • Reimagine design career and skill development opportunities
  • Impact and influence thousands of employees through the power of community


What others say

The Design Operations New York 2023 conference was so rewarding! As a DesignOps "team of 1" practitioner, the opportunity to be among other humans who are in the field was so fulfilling. Also, what I learned in those 8 hours is immeasurable. 

Claudia Martinez

HS DesignOps events provided me with the opportunity to connect with similar minded professionals, who I can call friends! Sessions were engaging and provided me some valuable nuggets to take it forward and apply! 

Amit Tripathi

HS Design Operations events provide me with the opportunity to connect with other colleagues in the industry and share learnings to help each other strive to be the most efficient and supportive teams we can be.

Antonia Duffin