DAM New York 2024

The Art and Practice of Managing Digital Media

First Sessions Announced

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In the meantime, check out the exciting sessions below:


DAM’s Critical Role in the Modern Marketing Ecosystem

DAM is a foundational building block of the MarTech stack and an important link in the content supply chain.

Choices you make regarding your DAM technology and strategy can dramatically impact the experiences your team delivers.

When your business is to improve outcomes in people’s health, it’s essential you have made the right decisions.

A review of what the choices are and how to get the important decisions right – first time round.

Jarrod Gingras, Managing Director & Analyst, Real Story Group
Jeremy Pincus,
Global Head of Medical Affairs Digital, Data Science and Tech, GSK

Protecting Brand Integrity in the Age of AI
Content Authenticity is the Answer

Content authenticity protects brand integrity. Essential at a time when the ease, sophistication, and scale of AI-generated content and deepfakes can challenge the very notion of truth and integrity.

Leading industry experts discuss the latest authenticity technologies and strategies you can employ with your DAM and diverse digital assets.

The intention: To deliver a comprehensive understanding of the importance of content authenticity and the tools currently available to combat digital deception.


  • AI Risks: The challenges posed by generative AI and deepfakes to content authenticity and brand integrity.
  • Technology Insights: Technologies, standards, and systems that help ensure content integrity – including C2PA.
  • Real-World Implementation: How organizations are doing what needs to be done – implementation and the reasons why protecting content authenticity is essential.
  • Vendor Solutions: The available options to safeguard digital assets against AI-driven falsehoods.
  • Strategic Approaches: What’s working in practice – who is doing what, where and when.

Moderator: Chris Lacinak, Founder AVP

Orchestrating Content at Scale – How to Meet the Challenge

To maximize returns on your DAM investment when delivering content to your customers you must seamlessly integrate your DAM with both upstream systems and downstream channels.

In large enterprises managing the expansive and intricate content pipeline is a paramount determinant of RoI.

Jarrod Gingras, Managing Director & Analyst from Real Story Group and Liana Cave, Senior Director, Content Orchestration from Hilton, will discuss the optimal starting and ending points for DAM within a sophisticated process and technology ecosystem.

Baking its First DAM + PIM – The Flowers Foods Experience

When Flowers Foods decided on a combined DAM and PIM, stakeholders naturally wanted to explore both the software options and how the two worlds of DAM and PIM interrelate.

To balance the content in the PIM and DAM and lay the foundation for the customer journey, the content supply chain needed to be robust enough to deliver what was required: no less than a full-scale implementation.

This session explores the A-Z of all the initial steps of implementation based on the current and future needs of the organization. It highlights the importance of a) discovery and b) avoiding the pitfalls of delay and indecision.

Sarah Iskander, CEO, gateB
Jonathan Wear,
 Sr. Manager of Digital Assets, Flowers Bakeries, LLC

Ensuring Your DAM Evolves to Match Your Changing Business Needs

Reality one: Businesses must constantly evolve to stay relevant for customers, to take advantage of technical advances and to ‘stay ahead’ of competitors.

Reality two: The way content is consumed, produced, and distributed has changed and continues to change – at an ever-faster pace.

Reality three: A DAM system that was originally built to align with past workflows may lack the agility to pivot quickly to many of the new business requirements (or may require investment to be ready for them).

Reality four: The traditional scope of DAM – to maintain control of and to access digital assets – is being challenged by an ever-changing content supply chain.

No wonder many DAM systems, processes and ways of working must exert themselves to keep up.

A panel of digital leaders (all at the forefront of digital transformation) examines the implications of endeavouring to ensure that the content supply chain meets the needs of consumers – consumers who expect to be served content on-demand and personalized to them, delivered across multiple devices, and with payments using an ultrawide range of models.


  • How systems should be used to manage digital assets – the need to support enhanced agility.
  • The importance of fast-turnaround content production relying on global collaboration whilst localizing, personalizing and repurposing digital assets for multiple markets.
  • Why content owners need nimble systems, agile processes and specialized skillsets that match their changing workflows and “this month’s” business needs.
  • Managing legacy systems whilst meeting new digital asset needs.
  • The evolving role of metadata, especially AI-generated content to enrich, repurpose and target content.
  • How global and remote DAM workflows are changing.
  • Alternative approaches to managing production and work-in-progress digital assets vs archives.

Moderator: Graham Allan, Managing Director, Deloitte Consulting

Crafting Your DAM Strategy and Road Mapping Success:

A guide (both practical and comprehensive) to the process of evaluating your DAM and crafting a roadmap for the next 3 to 5 years.

Covering how to:

  • Assess the current maturity of your DAM.
  • Identify the gaps in your DAM.
  • Review and set strategic priorities
  • Envision for the future.
  • Create a framework for building a roadmap that aligns with your organization's goals and drives success in managing digital assets effectively.
  • Set out your DAM strategy.
  • Elevate your DAM to new heights.

Kristina Huddart, Digital Asset Management Specialist and Independent Consultant

Empowering Users Through Education and UX – Getting Training to Deliver

Creating a robust DAM with a comprehensive taxonomy and metadata schema is essential. Nevertheless, its true value is realized only when end users can effectively navigate the platform. User education and user experience are essential for success.

Unlike the simplicity of a Google search, to properly search and retrieve, DAM systems require users to have a basic understanding of the taxonomy supporting the assets.


  • Practical steps for creating an effective training program, emphasizing the need for visibility and responsiveness.
  • Why frequent live training sessions, detailed documentation, and reference materials must be available in multiple formats if the training is to be successful.
  • Tips for optimizing your user experience, encouraging user engagement, and incorporating feedback – used to continually improve your training program.

How to empower both yourself and your users, and transforming your DAM so it really is an invaluable tool and is seen as such by all in your organization.

Caroline Donadio, Digital Asset Manager, Perkins Eastman

DAM and Collections’ Management for the GLAM sector

An interactive review of the current landscape and future possibilities for digital asset management and collections management in the GLAM sector – through the dynamic discussion of case studies.


  • Unlocking new ways to expand access to digital collections.
  • Crafting immersive digital experiences for visitors worldwide.
  • Streamlining workflows with evermore content.
  • Unleashing siloed assets – content migration best practice and learning from successes (and the barriers and challenges along the way).
  • Navigating rights in complex objects and assets.
  • Harnessing the power of AI and other cutting-edge trends to revolutionizing the field.

Digital asset management in the cultural heritage sector. A lively exchange of ideas, burning questions and practical solutions.

Moderator: Kristina Huddart

Panel includes:

Nelly Cancilla, Digital Asset Manager, Detroit Institute of Arts
Eva Soos,
Manager, Imaging and Rights, The Morgan Library & Museum

The Merits of Metadata in YOUR Digital Strategy Work
Best Practices

The path to good DAM design begins with the realization that digital assets need to be identified, organized, and made available for discovery. It’s metadata that delivers that.

However, how it’s done MUST evolve in line with changes in societal, cultural, and business norms and it MUST do so in a respectful and inclusive manner. 

Why does metadata matter?

It matters because it gives structure and meaning to data associated with all that we do in our business and personal transactions. It also records where your content came from and to whom it belongs, where your content is going, and how it may be used. 

Metadata is the foundation supporting your content. It gives structure and meaning to all your digital assets.

The panel, moderated by John Horodyski, Executive Director at Salt Flats, uses real life examples of metadata ‘in action’ to illustrate what constitute best practice:

  • How what the organization is seeking to achieve affects how it structures its metadata.
  • Integration and orchestration in a MarTech stack.
  • AI, Misinformation and Disinformation.
  • Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Accessibility (DEIA).
  • How best to understand and be mindful of the people, processes, and technologies that may influence the transformation and end-goals you desire.

Panel includes:

Becca Wallance, Digital Asset Librarian, Brooklyn Museum

Bringing it ALL Together – DAM, Product Content, and Customers

How DAM Helps Build a Better Digital Shelf

How can digital assets and product content come together to create better downstream experiences for customers? A panel of experts provide the answers.


  • How DAM can help adapt assets for downstream applications and channels.
  • Using DAM to support a complete end-to-end creative process.
  • Generating assets on demand and assembling compound (including extremely complex assets) on the fly.
  • Tailoring assets to customers – based on customer segments and in 1:1 marketing.

Every organization is promoting something – a product, a service, an idea, and marrying content to captivating visuals is instrumental in keeping your customers loyal to the brand.

Moderator: Jarrod Gingras, Managing Director & Analyst, Real Story Group

Panel includes:

Tiffany Ray, Senior Manager, Applications, Revelyst, Vista Outdoor Operations LLC

Video Mastery in DAM:
Unlocking the Potential of Your Digital Assets

Essential insights and practical tips to seamlessly integrate video into a DAM – covering everything from understanding video file formats to implementing best practices for metadata tagging.

A guide to ensuring your video assets are well-organized and, vitally important, easily accessible.

Moderated by Neal Bilow, Managing Partner at Chromata Solutions, this interactive Q&A session guides discussion and reveals answers to all the most pressing questions about video workflows, storage solutions, and optimizing searchability.

A panel of experienced DAM professionals ready to share their knowledge and offer actionable solutions.

Video management in DAM demystified. How to transform video assets into well-oiled components of a digital strategy – a route to streamlined operations and enhanced asset value.

Panel includes:

Wesley Lauria, Digital Asset Coordinator, Philadelphia Eagles
Richard Swaziek,
Senior Director, Creative, Lands’ End

Moving to a new DAM is just like moving home and such moves are hard work but can be made easier with expert guidance

So, some actionable steps that help:

  • Choosing the new home.
  • Moving in.
  • Adjusting with ease.

A Thorough Guide to Pain Free Selection and Implementation

Choosing, implementing, and migrating to a new DAM can be a tricky path to tread if the research and preparation beforehand isn’t done well. Much can go wrong and certainly will if the procurement and implementation stages are done in a hurry without adequate thought.

A session on the steps in the process, and best practices to avoid the pitfalls – all the way from start to finish – illustrated with real world case studies of success and failures.

Leah Carlson, VP Client Services, Velir

A Roadmap for Your DAM Future and A Challenge to Conventional Thinking

FACT: DAM systems can now be connected to an increasingly complex marketing, content, and data ecosystem.

DAMs can achieve more than most users believe. We challenge conventional thinking and push the boundaries. By leveraging its capabilities as omnichannel platforms your DAM can integrate content across multiple channels and touchpoints, creating cohesive brand experiences that resonate with audiences – wherever they are.

There’s more: predictive analytics can make DAMs support predictive platforms. By harnessing the power of data-driven insights, enterprises can anticipate user preferences, trends and behaviors, enabling proactive content delivery that drives engagement and conversion.

Jarrod Gingras, Managing Director & Analyst, Real Story Group, surveys the current ‘big picture’ of what a connected DAM ecosystem looks like and how it's likely to evolve over the next couple of years.