DAM New York 2023

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Hot DAM! HIP-HOP at 50 is the New Kid on the Block

September 15, 11:10 AM EDT

It's hard to believe that Hip-Hop is celebrating its first 50 years. 

Many ‘disbelievers’ of the music and culture created by Black and Brown teenagers in The Bronx thought it was a passing trend, that would just fade away. They were wrong, and in 1999 The Schomburg Center was the first institution to start a special collection, dedicated just to Hip-Hop. 

Although Hip-Hop has now been around for decades, it is still the new kid on the block when it comes to archiving and preservation. And DAM plays a critical role in the burgeoning field of Hip-Hop preservation.

Join Martha Diaz, Founder, Chief Curator and Archivist at the Hip Hop Education Center as she shares a history of Hip-Hop archiving and collection, highlights the projects that have served as milestones in its development, and the important contribution DAM is making.

Hip-Hop museums are popping up all over – both in the physical world and in the Metaverse. Hip Hop is transforming and reimagining how we use archives and artifacts through the use of technology.

What others say

HS DAM provided a network of like-minded passionate professionals that were so generous & honest with their front line experiences of working and creating in the DAM universe, Bravo.

Cookie Marie Kurtz
Albert Einstein College of Medicine

Before attending a HS DAM event, I never knew the true impact or importance of DAM. For the first time it felt like I wasn't alone, but part of something so much greater. I left inspired and motivated to take what I had learned and apply it our DAM system. I look forward to the event every year! 

Nicole Fresolo

The Henry Stewart DAM NY conference did not disappoint. The breadth of topics and experiences covered were amazing.  I could have used three of me to cover all the sessions I was interested in attending!

Christi Klein
Lowe's Companies, Inc.