DAM New York 2023

The Art and Practice of Managing Digital Media

The DAM Capability Model Workshop

Wednesday September 13, 9:30 AM - 12:30 PM

This workshop is designed to deepen and sustain your arc of growth with DAM.  The workshop is built around the internationally recognized DAM Capability Model - supporting the ongoing renewal and growth of DAM in your organization.  It will benefit all DAM users; those new to the community, seasoned veterans, and everyone in between.

The DAM Capability Model works for every organization - whether you measure your success by profit and loss, or by mission and mandate at a museum, not-for-profit or governmental organization.  The Model gives everyone a common vocabulary and a chance to candidly self-assess today’s “as-is” state as you consider the initial and ongoing use of digital asset management in your organization.

You will learn how to create (or update) your DAM “roadmap”; where DAM is today and how to identify the next most important step for your organization; you will have a “baseline” that can be referred to in the coming years as you can (and should!) revisit and update the Model on a periodic basis.

As you move from level to level, the DAM Capability Model will enable you to:

  • identify the people, processes, technology, and budget required.
  • discover improvements in processes which could contribute to easier and more effective asset access for multiple departments.
  • provide insights into specific operations such as workflow tools and metadata along with general issues such as rights, governance, and asset lifecycle management.

You will leave the Workshop with a sense of team engagement, gain an initial or updated understanding of the DAM Capability Model, and learn how to create a "current state" DAM Capability Model - to later develop into a measurable plan for near term and ongoing improvement. 

 A copy of the DAM Capability Model will be provided to all participants.


Tutorial Leaders

David Lipsey is well known as a Founder of the field of Digital Asset Management (DAM) and a consistent innovator in defining – and redefining DAM and its relationship to organizational strategy, rights, outreach and growth. David has worked internationally to create value from digital assets – and setting in place the organizational and strategic processes to achieve return on initiative as well as investment. David has been involved with the field of digital asset management (DAM) since its inception and is an international leader. David is a principal co-author of the widely used Digital Asset Management Capability Model, and a sought-after university and association speaker in DAM. He maintains expert level knowledge of the field in general, the vendor community, and most of all – how to make DAM accelerate the organizational goals which it must support.


Kristina Huddart is an independent DAM consultant who helps brands and cultural heritage organizations to find, implement and make the most of their digital asset management (DAM) practices. For almost a decade, Kristina has helped firms build their DAM practices, continuously improve on processes, and grow user adoption to achieve maximum DAM return-on-investment. Serving clients from financial service providers, energy companies, beauty and wellness organizations, and cultural heritage organizations, she strives to deliver the best DAM solutions for your specific needs. Kristina is also a thought leader, author, speaker and educator.