DAM New York 2019

The Art and Practice of Managing Digital Media


TechLab: Minimal Disruption Involved: Best Practices for Maximizing new Software Adoption - with Brandfolder

May 2, 4:00PM
It’s no secret that marketers and creatives seek out tools for every problem. Most of the time, however, these tools rarely get touched by more than a few people. Or the few users who do use it get bombarded with questions, and the rest of the team gives up. Sound familiar?  
Simply buying another tool and adding it to your tech stack rarely equals success, and driving adoption across multiple teams is like rolling a boulder uphill. In order to get the most out of a new platform, software champions must have buy-in from the top down, involve influencers from every level, and find early adopters to lead the charge. 
In this talk, we’ll touch on how your organization can: 
  • Define a new platform shopping “checklist” to help simplify workflows and save time 
  • Overcome new software implementation “scaries” whether limited or endless resources
  • Adopt best practices for smooth deployments that drive company-wide adoption and minimal disruption   
  • Champion DAM as a tool intended to be used by hundreds or even thousands of users 
James Winter, VP of Marketing, Brandfolder

What others say

“This is the highlight of the year where you can surface from the daily struggles and get a glimpse of the big DAM picture, and beyond. Great source of inspiration & motivation!”

Folke Wulf
Richemont International

“Henry Stewart DAM events are an outstanding way to gain first-hand knowledge, network with others, and reinvigorate your own business.”

Nancy Burley
Estée Lauder Companies

The Henry Stewart DAM NY conference did not disappoint. The breadth of topics and experiences covered were amazing.  I could have used three of me to cover all the sessions I was interested in attending!

Christi Klein
Lowe's Companies, Inc.