DAM New York 2019

The Art and Practice of Managing Digital Media

Engineering the Creative Workflow

Wednesday May 1, 2.00 pm - 5.00 pm

In a multi-platform world, a creative team's adaptability becomes a key metric in the overall success of a brand. Teams must be able to work fluidly with one another and content must perform well. This constantly changing market landscape requires that creative workflows be periodically revisited and modified to ensure your team is operating at peak performance.

The Engineering the Creative Workflow workshop is for creative leadership who are seeking practical guidance on how to approach a large workflow change within their organization. During the 3-hour course, learners will participate in an interactive discussion with presenter Lauren Espiritu-Philson as they are guided through the various phases of an engineering and receive tips on navigating dependencies, managing stakeholders and more.

  • Explore the phases of a workflow reengineering
  • Learn a framework that can help you build your own project plan
  • Discuss strategies to keep projects on track in spite of common challenges and be able to measure results

Tutorial Leader

Lauren Espiritu-Philson is the founder of Percent Gray, a strategy and business operations partner for content creators. For Lauren, process is key - and over the years, she has worked in creative leadership and executive advisement roles with companies like USAA, Fuse Media, The Rockefeller Foundation, Gilt.com and BFA with the simple goal of redefining the way in which content is created and managed. Starting out as a photographer and web designer, Lauren's career evolved alongside the digital landscape providing her with a unique perspective that suits well when speaking to both creative and business objectives with her clients.