DAM New York 2019

The Art and Practice of Managing Digital Media

Hear from HBO, Tiffany, The Met, Nestlé and more...

At DAM New York 2019, hear case studies from some of the world's best known brands and gain first-hand knowledge from the experts. We've curated a selection of outstanding case studies with speakers who will share experiences and actionable DAM hacks that are working for them and their businesses today.


Success, Failure, and 1.5 Million Assets: 

2018 marked 10 years of digital asset management at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Over the past decade, the museum has refined its photography workflows across three integrated systems, Jira, NetX and TMS. This talk provides an overview of The Met's enterprise photography workflows and presents two creative use cases for the DAMs: 1) Tracking our non-accessioned film and video archives and 2) The ingest of complex 3D digital objects such as photogrammetry and laser scans.

with Milo Thiesen, Lead Technical Analyst, The Metropolitan Museum of Art


Masterclass: The Technical and Business End of getting a DAM up and running – with a Focus on the User Adoption Mechanisms

Hear both sides of the DAM story. Callum Hughes and Cyndie Lalic from Amazon Studios will be diving deep to discuss the implementation of DAM from start to finish and how to ensure user adoption is at the forefront.  In this session you’ll hear both sides of how tech and business worked backwards to achieve a solution that is customer obsessed and purely cloud based.

Focusing on the problems facing customers, Callum and Cyndie will walk you through Amazon Studios’ approach in reconciling the needs of the customer with the needs of the business: how to succeed in the face of technical and bureaucratic limitations, and how to enable your users to actually enjoy using your DAM system. They’ll share their own thoughts and ideas on what makes a good DAM and provide insights into some of the pitfalls, and help you avoid making the same mistakes. 

with Callum Hughes, Head of Post Technology, and Cyndie Lalic, Digital Asset Manager, Amazon Studios


TD Ameritrade's DAM Adventure:  Reaching a Vision (in Spite of the Details...)

The lack of a reliable DAM platform often means inefficient content management processes, frustrated associates and compliance risks, particularly for heavily regulated corporations.  DAM is typically hailed as a magic solution, but how does a large organization get there, and actually, where is "there"?

This presentation will discuss how TD Ameritrade identified the asset management challenges it was facing, defined an overarching vision and strategy for addressing those challenges, and embarked on an enterprise-scale transformational initiative to reach the vision.  It will also discuss some of the myriad unforeseen details that came up along the way - some of which even challenged the entire initiative - and how TD Ameritrade was able to navigate them and continue its quest.

with Kristen Bernady, Manager, Marketing Resource Management, TD Ameritrade


Consumer Revenue Opportunities created through the Reuse of Digitized Archives: How Condé Nast succeeded

Condé Nast is transforming how it reuses its digitized archival content to create new offerings and products. This session looks at how change has been implemented driving both consumers and professionals to access even more content - an account of challenges overcome and opportunities created.

with Kristy Ramsammy, Director of Digital Asset Operations, Condé Nast Co/Lab


Metadata and Taxonomies: You Don’t Have to Start from Scratch

Getting started with DAM?  What metadata fields and lists of values do you need?  This session is about creating your own “standard of standards” through the use of existing industry metadata standards. HBO’s solution is a team effort utilizing taxonomy and ontology expertise, combined with taxonomy data governance, project management, and the right metadata tools. Learn how to take existing standards and make them your own, saving time and effort. Manage taxonomy projects. Get tips on capturing and documenting efforts to ensure successful adoption.

with Yonah Levenson, Manager of Metadata and Taxonomy, HBO


Global Localization: Optimizing our DAMs

Media and entertainment organizations are delivering more content to more viewers than ever. Their audiences demand greater levels of personalization and customization. Increasingly, content aired in the US is multi-lingual and sourced internationally, while US-based content is exported to non-English-speaking nations. How do we optimize our DAMs to provide a localized service to better serve audiences in the US and abroad? Laura Dawson, Metadata Analyst at HBO, describes HBO’s audio and written language use cases and the taxonomic strategies being implemented as the industry goes global.

with Laura Dawson, Metadata Analyst, HBO


The Jewish Museum’s DAM Journey: the research it undertook and the specific methodologies it used during vendor research and searching out and finding the right partner

The Jewish Museum undertook a research-intensive approach to their most recent DAM migration.  Learn how using UX Research methodologies, a user-centered approach, and a platform agnostic mind-set helped them find the right vendor and swiftly implement a new DAM system.

with Carlos Acevedo, Digital Asset Manager, The Jewish Museum


Integrating DAM with another Platform (our CMS)

In 2019, Tiffany & Co. implemented a new system to connect the company-wide DAMS with the department-specific CMS used for the Archival artifact collection.  To do this required the collaboration of many parties from IT, Archives, and the CMS technical support staff.  The process, from proof of concept through to final integration, took over six months, hundreds of emails, and dozens of meetings between the teams.  Within the Archives team, each member held their own responsibilities – driving and directing the work to be done, negotiating permissions and budgets, educating and facilitating user access for the systems, and cleaning and updating data.  We discuss the various stages of the project, as well as the process of collaboration that built a successful implementation team.  

with Cristina Vignone, Assistant Archivist – Archives, and Cortney Zusin, Registrar – Archives, Tiffany & Co


DAM Solutions for Packaging Design

This is an account of packaging as a DAM package – a package that can take many forms, travel to many destinations and deliver sweet profits.

In our journey: First come the designs. Next comes the deployment – all organized and processed by the DAM system. Featured on websites and in e-commerce and social media communications in multiple campaigns the beautiful packaging entices and beguiles. The end result: growing sales through multiple channels.  Join our Conference Chair, David Lipsey, in an engaging conversation with a nationally known leader in design direction and visual solutions: Azita Shahidi, Global Design Development Manager at Godiva Chocolatier.  Azita and David will explore her background and insights in how the worlds of creative, packaging and DAM come together in powerful combination – a true box of delights. 

with Azita Shahidi, Design Development Manager, Godiva Chocolatier, Inc. and David Lipsey, Conference Chair


Full Implementation of a DAM workflow and DAL internally and externally with Agency Partners and Customers

In this session, Ricki Gardner will share Nestlé’s global “one platform” initiative and the background behind Nestlé Waters North America’s role and goals.  With implementation underway, this session will focus on the Plan in detail and how stakeholders – dependencies, processes, internal employees and external partners – worked together to achieve the end goals.  Ricki will talk about reporting and accountability, timelines, milestones and key learnings.

with Ricki Gardner, Group Manager, Marketing Operations, Nestlé Waters North America Inc.


Creating a Repository of Relationships: The Road to DAM at the American Museum of Natural History 

From archival expedition documentation to innovative video production and world-class space shows, the American Museum of Natural History uses digital assets to achieve staff and organizational goals. 
Over time, workflows and processes evolved to support projects using digital assets, yet the full set of digital asset workflows were not well understood. 
To gain insights into how digital assets are used in the Museum, a committee consisting of librarians, IT professionals and digital media experts was formed to interview stakeholders, document workflow patterns, and identify areas for asset management optimization across the Museum. 
The Museum’s Research Library has led the current effort with an inclusive, Museum-wide approach founded in their deep knowledge of digital asset management practices and their role in supporting museum collections with metadata and taxonomies.

with Jennifer Cwiok, Digital Systems Librarian, and Iris Lee, Cataloging & Metadata Librarian, American Museum of Natural History


A Walk Through the First Year of Implementation: a focused review from the University of Central Arkansas

The University of Central Arkansas shares the journey it took to create a new multi-phase user engagement plan and develop a successful brand portal as part of the overall integration of a DAM system for the entire university.  
This detailed session will be an A-Z of the challenges - but also a description of how the end product has been successfully accepted. The university is in its second year with a brand portal and this session will share the implementation process on campus, highlight the feedback received and explain how the DAM system has affected the culture of branding at the institution. The session rounds off with details of the next steps, moving forward.

with Kimberly K. Klotz, Director of Marketing, Staff Senate Vice-President, University of Central Arkansas


Managing for the Long Term: the Growth and Success of Hilton’s Global DAM

As Hilton celebrates its 100th year they continue to embrace innovation.  Showcasing how the DAM has been able to keep up with the growth (opened one new hotel a day in 2018), Liana will discuss its successful integration with numerous external and internal systems.  As Hilton prepares for the next 100 years, digital innovation will stay forefront with the DAM being the single source of truth.

with Liana Cave, Digital Assets Manager, Hilton