DAM Industry Week

For all professionals in CPG & Retail, Media & Entertainment, Education, Financial Services & Insurance, and Healthcare

DAM Industry Week has now ended. Thank you to all attendees, speakers, sponsors and partners who made this year’s pioneering event a true celebration of all things DAM. To stay up to date with future virtual events, please click here

Click here to navigate to DAM Industry Week 2022, taking place  Apr 4 - 8 2022.

A week dedicated to defining the future of DAM in your industry
– get involved.

Introducing the first-ever online Digital Asset Management event that features five full days of content and networking, with each day dedicated to a key industry sector. Register for full access to industry-specific days focusing on CPG & Retail, Media & Entertainment, Education, Financial Services & Insurance, and Healthcare.

Whether you are installing your first DAM system, an early stage user or a mature practitioner determined not to overlook the most up-to-date innovations, there is knowledge here and insights aplenty. 

All from the user’s perspective.

Learn from leading Digital Asset Management professionals and meet with peers from your own industry to share experience of common challenges and successes. 

Format for The Week:

Monday - DAM for CPG & Retail
Tuesday - DAM for Media & Entertainment
Wednesday - DAM for Education
Thursday - DAM for Financial Services & Insurance
Friday - DAM for Healthcare

We invite you to attend your industry’s day, and, of course, every other day that piques your interest or is a sector about which you want greater insight. 

Plus, to celebrate this new event, we are offering all professionals active in these industries a free ticket!

What's included in your registration?

  • Access to all 5 days
  • Build your own schedule with 30+ sessions of industry-specific content
  • Live Q&A – the chance to get your questions answered by the industry experts
  • Attend the networking lounges – take a seat at a virtual roundtable and personally connect with your industry peers
  • Access to the event platform with presenter profiles and networking opportunities
  • A world-class vendor exhibition with 1-on-1 demos
  • Recordings of all sessions to view on demand


April 26 - 30, 2021

An Online Event