DAM Industry Week 2023

For all professionals in Media & Entertainment, CPG & Retail and Healthcare



First Sessions Announced

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If you are interested in speaking at the event, please contact Danielle Hitchenor at DanielleH@henrystewart.co.uk.

In the meantime, check out the first 6 sessions announced:


Managing Universal Pictures’ Content Operations

Keeping the Content and Assets Up-To-Date and Available for all Users

When it comes to the migration, ingestion and storage of an enormous number of assets, a clear and systematic approach is required. To ensure that the content is kept both relevant and fresh that approach should be under constant review.

A DAM is much more than just a storage hub. It is a central, easily accessible, repository for all digital creative and marketing material.

Ensuring that there is a centralized DAM, that all users find easy to access and work with, underpins a smooth workflow-process. 

In this session, Stan Scoggins, Senior Vice President at Universal Pictures will describe how to manage the content in your DAM, including, importantly, how to ensure that the content can be easily found – using consistent, focused metadata.

In conversation with …

Lauren Belomy is the Senior Director of Experiences & Products at IMAX and she’ll share, with Graham Allan, Managing Director, Deloitte Consulting, her insights on the digital infrastructure journey at IMAX and the importance of balancing the needs of fans and partners.

We’ll hear more about the IMAX consumer journey and the role of automation, plus some of the crucial governance and rights challenges.

Recording In Progress: The Philadelphia Orchestra’s Pivot to Digital Media and Extensive Use of Video

When your organization’s needs undergo a fundamental change, how do you best ensure your DAMS can make that transition with you?

For The Philadelphia Orchestra, the COVID-19 lockdown meant an abrupt halt to in-person performances. After initially streaming archival content to reach its international audience, the Orchestra quickly began creating a significant amount of new music content, onstage in an empty concert hall. 

As a result, its video productions scaled to 20+ camera captures in 4K, delivered to audiences on all seven continents.

Now, with a hybrid focus on both in-person and digital programming and a commitment to high production value, The Philadelphia Orchestra has transformed its production workflows to embrace the new normal.

In this session, Roberta Gorin-Paracka, Digital Asset Manager, and Travis Wurges, Video Producer at The Philadelphia Orchestra will discuss how they continue to enhance creative collaboration utilizing the Orchestra’s DAMS, system integrations, and other production tools.

How is the Health of your Digital Asset Supply Chain?

Digital Asset Management is the center of the digital asset lifecycle. As DAM has grown exponentially, so has the value and usage of digital assets and their metadata.

With DAM fast becoming the integration point for digital assets to flow through, how can you measure whether the Digital Asset Supply Chain is stable, and what’s the role DAM plays in this regard?

Digital Asset Supply Chain is made up of 4 parts:

  • The set of processes involved in the creation of digital assets and their metadata
  • The integration of Digital Asset Management with other software systems
  • The optimization and distribution of digital assets to downstream channels
  • The governance and administration of the digital asset lifecycle

In this session, Jen Sunday, IT Application Owner at W.L. Gore & Associates will share the 7 steps on how to do the health check of your Digital Asset Supply Chain, and ways to Reduce, Reuse, Recycle – The DAM way!

How to Establish a DAM Governance Operating Model to Meet the Needs of All Stakeholders and All Users

Why bother to put in place a Governance Operating Model, and why is it seen as one of the most crucial components of the DAM workflow?

Governance is a critical element in any DAM workflow to drive consistency and to ensure that the platform you design meets the growing needs and expectations of all users. It also ensures that the content is being utilized to the full.

Charlotte Brown, Director of Digital Asset Management at Clinique will share why and how to establish a workable Governance Operating Model and the benefits for all stakeholders. She’ll highlight insights into the main points to consider including:

  • Designing a Governance Operating Model with a DAM Librarian support team
  • Ensuring the content has consistent and accurate metadata
  • Making sure that it follows a file naming convention and that all users understand it
  • Maintaining the importance of usage rights at the time content is uploaded and published to the DAM

Charlotte will also share the successful onboarding of a new agency to help with the governance model process.

How the Rise of Short-Form Video is Transforming Digital Asset Management Workflows and Needs

With the exponential increase in the use of short-form video on platforms like TikTok, IG Reels and YouTube Shorts, content has transformed DAM and its capacity to cope with the rise of short product-focused editorial video.

As the volume of video content grows, the DAM needs to ensure it can keep pace to:

  • Help users quickly and easily search for what they need
  • Provide solutions to retrieve and reuse video content
  • Adapt to make way for a different taxonomical approach than for still images

Octav Chiritescu-Crisan, Video Director at AdoreMe will highlight why video files require a deeper integration across platforms in upload processes, and he’ll share his experience with larger and more complex files which require a robust DAM (and not one which is only capable of lighter image files).

Octav will explain the importance of streamlining the integration process, as well as the use of AI and machine learning tools in the shape of a new generation of computer-vision driven tagging tools which assist with better video categorization.


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