DAM Industry Week 2022

For all professionals in CPG & Retail, Media & Entertainment, Education, Manufacturing, and Healthcare


DAM Good Governance

April 7, 1.10 PM EDT

Governance is no longer an option; it’s the process that holds your organization’s DAM together as you seek to become truly data-driven, realize the full value of your data and content, and avoid costly missteps. It is a framework to ensure that program goals are met both during implementation and in the future.

To be effective, Governance must be considered as a holistic corporate objective, establishing policies, procedures, and training for the management of data across the organization and at all levels.

This informative and engaging panel session will outline the Who, What, How and Why of Governance with first-hand experience, wisdom, and best practices from the panelists. Covering:

  • How do you do Governance
  • Communications, Transparency, and Accountability
  • Challenges
  • Success stories to share
  • Future Governance goals 

Moderated by John Horodyski, Managing Director, Insights & Analytics at Salt Flats with contributions from Claire Blechman, Onboarding Manager, Bynder, Julia Gebhart, Product Marketing Manager, SitecoreKyle McNamara, Content Operations Manager, Hershey’s and Joy Wiegand, Digital Content Specialist, Amway

April 4 - 8, 2022

An Online Event