DAM for Healthcare

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DAM Integration Fundamentals

April 30, 2.40 PM EDT

A high-level view of how to approach integrating your DAM across a spectrum of platforms and channels, discussing:

  • Best practices and methodologies for defining and implementing core concepts that must be considered when designing integrations (what’s common to multiple sectors and unique sector-specific solutions) 
  • Frequently encountered concern (security, privacy, and meeting data standards)
  • Essential platform components (corporate websites, eShops and marketing channels)
  • Advanced challenges (delivering data to or through regulatory organizations)

The session will cover core concepts including: SSOT (single source of truth); content delivery; automation; shared vs dedicated metadata schemas; building effective workflows and business processes that tie all your systems and content together seamlessly and deliver the strengths of all of them.


April 30, 2021

An Online Event