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TechLab: Going Beyond Personalization in Financial Services

April 29, 11.50 AM EDT

Across all industries, personalization is the norm. In the Financial Services industry, dynamic personalization is the next frontier for experience-driven marketers. 

Static approaches to personalization through segmentation haven't delivered great results so brands have stopped believing in them. 

Going Beyond Personalization means moving past the segment talk track to focus on creation, assembly, and delivery of experiences as a complete service. 

  • How do we do this effectively in a highly regulated industry? 
  • How do you review and approve 3,000 different flavors of the same highly personalized message before it goes out? 
  • Should you?

In this TechLab session you will learn how leaders of companies in regulated industries (particularly FSI) manage the explosion of channels, the growing expectation of highly personalized messages, and how they are excelling in an industry with antiquated regulatory requirements that restrict them.

April 29, 2021

An Online Event