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Digital Transformation – How to Manage the Level of Content in Your DAM to ensure Agility, Creativity and Relevance to the Business Enterprise

18 January, 13:35 PM GMT

To become agile with creative teams, it’s important to balance creativity and business needs. The DAM plays more than just a vital role in this. Setting clear goals and parameters for projects, by giving creative and content teams the freedom to experiment within those parameters, and by having systems and processes in place for managing not just assets but managing and facilitating communication and collaboration within teams themselves.

Moderated by Rahel Bailie, Executive Consultant, ICP with Nathalie de Lemos, Head of Product for Digital Content at Nestlé, and Tom Marsh, Team Lead, Creative Operations at Kitchen Stories, discussion will focus on how the choices you make at the RFP and implementation stages have a bearing on how the DAM works in collaboration with other systems for joined up thinking and for smooth workflows.


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HS DAM events keep me in the loop with the latest technologies, providers, and information I need as a Digital Content Manager. They help me interact with my peers and learn more about the industry trends.

Emma Barratt
For Media Group

HS DAM events has set the bar for virtual conferences! Live sessions, engaging polls and questions boxes, chats with attendees, and virtual contests for swag...I don't know how a virtual conference could be more awesome! I look forward to this conference every year and the team at HS never disappoints!

Nicole Burgess
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HS events are one of the best learning opportunities available whether you are new to the DAM space or a seasoned professional trying to keep current.

Tracy Olmsted