DAM Fest Europe 2021

A celebration of all things DAM



DAM, Please Meet Commerce; Commerce, Please Meet DAM. You two need to get to know each other better

4 November, 13:10 PM GMT

DAM is now safely embedded as the single source of truth for visual marketing materials in most companies and organisations.

The shift to digital, direct-to-consumer (DTC) selling means that DAM is now the bridge between the two worlds of content and commerce. That covers ecommerce, in all its forms, as well as the more integrated marketing management of traditional retail channels.

The panel will discuss:

  • The increasing types and volume of content required for ecommerce, the constituencies involved in its creation, management and usage, and the many outlets it serves across consumer journeys
  • How DAM has evolved to meet needs, its value vs. other types of solutions that might address those needs, and where DAM can sit within and integrate with a robust ecommerce capability ecosystem, and
  • The current reality and drivers within enterprises driving the nexus of ecommerce, content and DAM



An Online Event

What others say

HS events are one of the best learning opportunities available whether you are new to the DAM space or a seasoned professional trying to keep current.

Tracy Olmsted

HS DAM events has set the bar for virtual conferences! Live sessions, engaging polls and questions boxes, chats with attendees, and virtual contests for swag...I don't know how a virtual conference could be more awesome! I look forward to this conference every year and the team at HS never disappoints!

Nicole Burgess
Robert Half

HS DAM events have been lifesavers this year when we could not attend in person. It has added many ideas and tools to my DAM toolbox.

Ann Frank