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How Regular DAM Health Checks can Steer Long Term DAM Success

4 November, 13:10 PM GMT

You have likely had many strategic planning sessions with leadership teams, stakeholders, and business sponsors for your DAM operations during DAM selection and implementation, but how are you ensuring the continued long-term success and growth of your DAM operations?

While setting up your DAM system may have felt like the peak of your DAM journey, the success of your DAM practice is formed out of your organisation’s continuing ability to successfully nurture the people, process, technology and data.

In this panel discussion, we will consider how regular DAM Health Checks, starting during DAM implementation, can ensure that your DAM operations:

  • Stay on track to achieve the business objectives originally proposed for the DAM
  • Grow year-on-year to solve new use cases and expand user adoption
  • Maximise ROI

Our panel will share stories from the field including case studies on which indicators can be used to measure success or decline, how to overcome common obstacles you will likely encounter during your DAM journey and how to avoid your DAM operations stalling out.



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HS events are one of the best learning opportunities available whether you are new to the DAM space or a seasoned professional trying to keep current.

Tracy Olmsted

HS DAM events has set the bar for virtual conferences! Live sessions, engaging polls and questions boxes, chats with attendees, and virtual contests for swag...I don't know how a virtual conference could be more awesome! I look forward to this conference every year and the team at HS never disappoints!

Nicole Burgess
Robert Half

HS DAM events have been lifesavers this year when we could not attend in person. It has added many ideas and tools to my DAM toolbox.

Ann Frank