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TechLab: Do’s and Don’ts of a Retail Digital Supply Chain

April 26, 11.50 AM EDT

The pandemic has revealed retailers with a competitive edge because of the opportunities created by the extensive digitization of their processes.

As digitization continues, the amount of data produced every day grows, while the real time requirements of multi-channel communication and the enormous demands on the performance must also be addressed.

The challenges that have been created:

  • Integrating a wide variety of suppliers is one challenge. Generally, large brands are able to adapt more easily. However, for smaller producers this poses considerable demands on their processes
  • Processing data in a meaningful way is another one of the big challenges for private label manufacturers. Not only must they meet their own requirements but also those of retailers. The retailers in turn are challenged by not only having to supply data to their own marketing teams, but also with integrating suppliers’ data directly into the digital supply chain

Meeting the challenge:
With customer use cases, Garvin Prenzing and Thomas Eusterholz of Advellence present the solutions they deploy and how these requirements can be met.


April 26, 2021

An Online Event