DAM Asia-Pacific 2022

The Art and Practice of Managing Digital Media


Meeting the Very Real Challenges of What Are Effectively Multi-Business Environments - How GLAM Organisations MUST Include a DAM Platform in Their Digital Tool Kit

24 March, 12:40 PM

Each organisation grapples with and, hopefully, adequately addresses its public role to deliver seamless and efficient digital discourse and experiences - responsibly.

GLAM organisations acquire, create, manage, curate, store and preserve vast collections of digital content that must meet the highest of standards expected of trusted knowledge repositories.

It’s more and more critical that GLAMs, perhaps more importantly GLAM funding bodies, embrace the reality that this model requires:

  • Sophisticated, dedicated systems including content management systems to handle delivery
  • Resources sufficient to support the commitment and effort required 

In this panel, we’ll first hear from Catherine Mulhall, Digital Asset Coordinator with the Collections Relocation and Digitisation Project (CRDP), Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences (MAAS) on one of the largest digitisation projects to be undertaken in Australia. (The CRDP will result in unprecedented levels of access to the Museum’s extensive collection, and has involved the rapid creation, ingestion and cataloguing of hundreds of thousands of high-quality digital assets.)

Followed by a discussion of why including a DAM platform in the digital tool kit is so important for all those stakeholders who will access it. We’ll cover the user-experience journey, and the importance of managing the content effectively with the right tools in place to efficiently handle storage and management in the cloud.


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What others say

It is refreshing to see that the issues Digital Asset Managers face around the world are indeed universal. Events such as these provide an avenue for DAM professionals to discuss challenges and share solutions. By remaining platform agnostic in these sessions, Henry Stewart provides a place for safe and honest discussions.

Shane Appleby
Queensland Art Gallery & Gallery of Modern Art

HS DAM events are definitely a great learning opportunity about DAMs and other related subjects. Each lecture focuses on different topics and ways of integrating DAMs to different fields. Looking forward to other events such as these.

Alizsa Lynn Franco
Cultural Center of the Philippines

The DAM Asia-Pacific conference by HS Events exceeded my expectations. The presenters were very generous and informative and the space was welcoming and inclusive for all levels of DAMS practitioner. Thank you again. 

Lee-Anne Raymond
Museums Victoria