DAM Asia-Pacific 2022

The Art and Practice of Managing Digital Media

First Sessions Announced

We are busy developing an exciting agenda for DAM Asia-Pacific 2022 so keep your eyes peeled for details. Register for the event and be the first to hear about new sessions and speakers!

If you are interested in speaking at DAM Asia-Pacific 2022, please contact Danielle Hitchenor at DanielleH@henrystewart.co.uk.

In the meantime, check out the first 5 exciting sessions announced:


From Conception to Reality – Implementing a Truly Global DAM to Deliver the Crucial Mission of World Vision

In a time of huge change, World Vision knew it had to provide a global digital platform for collective World Vision messaging that all stakeholders could access.

In this presentation we will hear from Laura Di Ciero, Global Librarian & Content Curator Specialist and Leanne Tingson, Global Content Systems Supervisor at World Vision, on the true scale of the undertaking that implemented a new digital transformation program. 

They will share:

  • Project planning – from original state to the new vision ahead - including partnering with other global teams
  • Getting COO, CMO and CEO buy-in and traction for the new project
  • The RFP process – choosing a DAM system that had high functionality, agility, and was stronger, more capable, and more secure. All at an affordable price – a rare combination
  • Evaluation criteria – to include the scalability of storage capacity. The ability to expand beyond what was considered likely to prove sufficient
  • Consulting and communicating with all stakeholders, including 60 plus key staff located all around the world
  • How they implemented a new system, streamlined user-groups, and trained all teams
  • Controlled vocabulary, intuitive filters, and word search

Come and hear how it all went – including the number of users growing from 1,000 to more than 6,000 worldwide, and importantly how the downloads and system activity has grown exponentially.

The Role the DAM Plays in Delivering Value and Growth at the Heart of the Business

A real-world case-study

Sally Parker, Chief Operations Officer, Wizard Pharmacy (a retail pharmacy brand based in Western Australia) discusses how:
  • Integration of a new DAM system was instrumental in delivering real growth and expanding the pharmacy business 
  • It supported the goal of ‘differentiating in the Australian pharmacy landscape’

In conversation with Andrew Lomas, Co-founder & Director, Creative Folks IT, Sally will share:

  • What life was like before the DAM
  • The driving force of technology behind the business
  • How DAM has helped to create automation to streamline all aspects of the business from back-end office to customer-facing and beyond
  • Why an integrated data, marketing and content-led system has helped with the roll-out of new pharmacy franchisees
  • The role the DAM system plays in managing workflows and enhancing online product listings as well as the ways it has helped the bricks and mortar business to thrive

Product Information Management and DAM

  • Why they are so important 
  • Why they are integral to how we do business
  • How they interrelate and deliver more than the sum of their parts

There are big challenges in e-commerce and e-retailing but happily they are surmountable.

Sichang Zhou, Regional PIM/DAM Solutions Lead, L’Oréal, will review how to break through the diversity of the APAC markets and business ecosystems. Of fundamental importance: understand the commerce and consumer experiences that drive our businesses.

Sichang will share his thoughts and what he has learned about implementing the right solutions for the market and the need for different solutions in different markets. He’ll address the many pitfalls and the mistakes often made and provide insights on how to avoid them.

Meeting the Very Real Challenges of what are Effectively Multi-Business Environments – How GLAM Organizations MUST Include a DAM Platform in their Digital Tool Kit 

Each organization grapples with and, hopefully, adequately addresses their public role to deliver seamless and efficient digital discourse and experiences - responsibly.

GLAM organizations acquire, create, manage, curate, store and preserve vast collections of digital content that must meet the highest of standards expected of trusted knowledge repositories. 

It’s more and more critical that GLAMs, perhaps more importantly GLAM funding bodies, embrace the reality that this model requires:

  • Sophisticated, dedicated systems including content management systems to handle delivery
  • Resources sufficient to support the commitment and effort required

In this panel, we’ll first hear from Catherine Mulhall, Digital Asset Coordinator with the Collections Relocation and Digitisation Project (CRDP), Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences (MAAS) on one of the largest digitization projects to be undertaken in Australia. (The CRDP will result in unprecedented levels of access to the Museum’s extensive collection, and has involved the rapid creation, ingestion and cataloguing of hundreds of thousands of high-quality digital assets.)

Followed by a discussion of why including a DAM platform in the digital tool kit is so important for all those stakeholders who will access it. We’ll cover the user-experience journey, and the importance of managing the content effectively with the right tools in place to efficiently handle storage and management in the cloud.

Andrew Lomas, Co-founder & Director, Creative Folks IT
Donna Miller, Digital Asset Management System Administrator, Queensland Museum Network
Catherine Mulhall, Digital Asset Coordinator with the Collections Relocation and Digitisation Project (CRDP), Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences (MAAS) 
Lee-Anne Raymond, Manager, MV Images (DAMS), Collection Information Systems, Museums Victoria

Managing Metadata – It’s the Foundation of DAM

Metadata is the backbone of everything you do in DAM. Moderated by John Horodyski, Managing Director, Insights & Analytics, Salt Flats, we’ll cover everything from metadata design specifics to creative and authoritative controlled vocabulary, while being mindful of governance, cultural and ethical differences.

Come with your questions as this session will be interactive.

It is designed to help you whatever stage you are at in your metadata journey.

Panel includes Klaus Roots, Digital Delivery Manager, Les Mills International