Verena Puhm

Creative Producer, Writer

Award-winning investigative TV Writer, Director, and Producer, Verena Puhm, stands at the intersection of powerful journalistic coverage and innovative film and TV storytelling. Her career, spanning two continents, is marked by notable contributions to prime-time TV series, films, commercials, and documentaries across Europe and the US. Her portfolio encompasses collaborations with prominent broadcasters such as the BBC, CNN, and Netflix, along with European networks such as ProSiebenSat1, RTLZwei, and Kabel1. 

Before her relocation to Los Angeles, while still in Europe, she wrote and produced prime-time TV content for the German broadcaster PRO7Sat1, in association with FischWillWurm Media. In California, she contributed to the production of CNN's standout shows "History of the Sitcom" and "The Story of Late Night”. She also helped produce content for Eli Roth's "Haunted House,” commercials for “Germany’s Next Topmodel” (produced by Watch Lola!), and the German TV series “Roadtrip America”, which is currently nominated for the 2023 Deutscher Fernsehpreis.

A discerning cultural commentator and transformative filmmaker, Verena fervently champions social justice-driven narratives. Her six-year deep dive into the Black Panther Party's untold story led her to pioneer an "investigative storytelling" style, unveiling overlooked narratives and spawning an array of TV series currently shopped around with her representation. Verena's work has garnered her more than a dozen accolades, ranging from prestigious industry awards like the Cannes Corporate Media & TV Award, ADC Art Directors Club Award, and the Grand Prix Victoria Award, to Hollywood writing competition placements, such as being a 2023 quarterfinalist in the ScreenCraft Comedy Competition for one of her comedy scripts. Since 2016, she has been crafting scripted TV series for both the American and German-speaking markets, garnering attention from major studios and production houses, as well as prominent social justice advocates including Reverend Jesse Jackson and key figures from the original Black Panther Party. Verena fervently advocates for purpose-driven content, rooted in the conviction that storytelling can sculpt a brighter, inclusive future.

In 2022, Verena co-wrote, co-directed, and produced a feature-length naval documentary in close collaboration with the U.S. Department of Defence, which premiered on Tubi in the summer of 2023. Subsequently, she wrote for an upcoming TV series by Wiedemann & Berg TV/Leonine Studios, celebrated for their work on Netflix's acclaimed series “Dark.”

Come 2023, Verena teamed up with Red Bull Media House’s esteemed Terra Mater Studios as a screenwriter, leveraging her creative prowess on a yet-to-be-revealed TV series project.

Balancing her roles, Verena remains focused on her mission: crafting narratives that envisage a brighter, interconnected future. Amid her diverse pursuits, her journalistic inquisitiveness persists, often manifested in her nighttime reading of FBI files.

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