Marie-Anne Aizac

Senior Producer


Marie-Anne is a Sr.Producer at Mattel. She works in the Creative Services division producing projects ranging from life action doll-play series and branding videos to 3D animation and lifestyle photoshoots. Before working at Mattel (with Barbie as her boss) she ran a photographer representation agency. She loves big production challenges.  Ask her to produce a shoot with a pink elephant sitting on the top of the Hollywood sign and you will make her day!

What others say

The HS Creative Production event introduced me to new ideas and the suppliers who could help bring them to life.

Claire Piipponen

Creative Production provided a great platform for learning, exchanging ideas and networking.

James Levin
Stony Brook University

HS Creative Production events provide me with the opportunity to meet creative minds from different fields, facing similar everyday working process realities.

Robert Kot