Sophie Robertson

Executive Producer


Sophie Robertson is an Executive Producer at Mofilm. She heads up a team of producers who deliver best-in-class content, powered by the diverse voices of Mofilm's creator community.

Sophie has worked in the advertising industry for over 12 years - cutting her teeth in media buying before moving to the creative agency side at Iris. She eventually found the perfect fit to follow her passion for film production in helping evolve Mofilm from its crowdsourcing beginnings all the way through to its current status as a highly curated, creative production company. As a senior producer and now executive producer at Mofilm, she's partnered with creators from all over the globe to produce TV ads, documentaries, social campaigns, and more for dozens of clients. 

What others say

HS Creative Production events provide me with the opportunity to meet creative minds from different fields, facing similar everyday working process realities.

Robert Kot

HS Creative Production events allowed me to connect and hear from many creative influencers overseeing marketing, operations, and video production. The discussions and content provided me with many tips and ideas to share with my teams.

Kimberly Joyce

HS Creative Production events are the place for creatives! They provided me with numerous opportunities to network and learn new concepts.

Angel Kumanov
Film Student