Omar Karim

Creative Director, Strategist, Technologist

Omar is a Creative Director, Strategist and Technologist, who is an expert in AI, Web3 and Metaverse creative, for global brands, influencers, and agency clients. He is the founder of Brainclub5000 the first AI creative studio. and the popular AI newsletter of the same name.

Omar has over 14 years of experience in the London advertising and tech industry, with some time also spent working in Europe. From 360 campaigns for Nokia, Nike and Beats to hands-on experience with open AI’s GPT-3, Codex and Stability AIs Stable Diffusion. Building playful and engaging ideas for brands and tools for creatives to multiply their impact. 

Omar’s current focus is on using new technologies and formats like AI, Web3, Metaverse and Gaming to connect people, creating new experiences and personalising content at scale and helping key decision-makers and front-line staff understand and use creative AI to collectively drive better business and creative outcomes.

What others say

HS Creative Production events provide me with the opportunity to meet creative minds from different fields, facing similar everyday working process realities.

Robert Kot

HS Creative Production events allowed me to connect and hear from many creative influencers overseeing marketing, operations, and video production. The discussions and content provided me with many tips and ideas to share with my teams.

Kimberly Joyce

HS Creative Production events are the place for creatives! They provided me with numerous opportunities to network and learn new concepts.

Angel Kumanov
Film Student