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Building a Successful Creative Operations Optimization Program - Course Summary

Session 1: Creative Operations Complexity

In the opening session we review the complexity of Creative Operations and how to identify the complexity-state within your organization.

First, we explore the wider landscape of marketing and creative operations to understand the external forces that impact those operations.

Then we discuss the methodology required to audit your own activities; including establishing where creative operations fits within the organization, and how it contributes to delivering the overall company strategy.

It is not unusual for managers to struggle in finding time to review the organization. In addition, company history, culture and people can reduce the objectivity of the exercise and influence the results. By applying a proven methodology, a realistic as-is understanding is established. Surprising insights are frequently generated by such formally structured exercises. 

This complete and objective review of creative operations lays the foundation for your optimization program.


Session 2: Issue Identification and Improvement Potential

The results of the audit described in session one will most likely provide clues of where some, at least, of the inefficiencies within creative operations lie. However, the real cause of the inefficiency may not be so obvious. In this session we distinguish ‘causes’ and ‘symptoms’ of inefficiency within the organization and discuss how to identify issues that create waste within your creative operations

Once issues have been identified it is time for changes to be made. After one or more solutions have been identified we can calculate the improvement potential within your creative operation. 


Session 3: Creative Operations Optimization Program

The audit and analysis described in the previous session serves as the foundation for the creative operations optimization program. 

The path to success requires a structured approach that is captured in a business case, project plan and project organization

A thorough understanding of project management and project management tools makes you a ‘must have’ support for top management – it ensures you acquire a mandate, full support and resources for your program. 


Session 4: Change Management

Executing a creative operations optimization program requires all people involved to adapt to change. Success is measured by successful implementation, but successful implementation requires that people are prepared for, and open to, change. In this session we will focus on preparing a solid change management program.


Session 5: Marketing Technology

The largest gain in Creative Operations optimization programs is the effective use of marketing technology. 

New solutions are available to optimize ways of working and how to deliver effective communications across all channels. Creative operations professionals must understand the technologies that speed and automate the process.   

In this session we explore available marketing technology, basic functionality and key benefits. Given the huge variety of available solutions, we provide guidance on approaches to use to find the best match for your organization’s needs. 


Session 6: Continuous Improvements

Creative Operations optimization is not a project but a never-ending long-term quest. It requires continuous ongoing evaluation and improvements to ways of working. 

In this session we will describe a durable strategy for discovering new ways of working, continuous acceptance of change and enhancing your creative operations.