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The Secrets Behind Successful In-House Agencies - Course Summary

Session 1: Introduction

Understanding the landscape (over-market and sub-markets), history, why things are, and which way things are going. Why it makes sense to at least look at having an IHA, and (if you have one) being ambitious in developing it. Looking at the ‘renting’ as well as ‘buying’ options. Balancing priorities within Marketing, Marketing Communications and Marketing Operations. 


Session 2: Audit

How to conduct an audit of your current situation with gap analysis.

  • Here’s how we are using agency resources
  • How effective and efficient is it?
  • What do we need from our agencies?
  • What would be the ideal balance of internal and external resources?


Session 3: Plan

Identify what you will have to do to make the change happen. Taking account of variables according to market sector, client reliance on data, and any other things that would affect what it makes sense to do internally. Formalizing what other inputs are still going to be needed from outside and managing expectations in the surviving external agencies. Careful planning on how the new onboard agency is going to interface with marketing and other company functions. Aiming for maximum synergy between marcoms and marketing ops.


Session 4: Launch & Manage

Launching your new entity and the new way of working. Implementing the change itself. Learning from helpful and relevant examples of how a variety of companies and organizations successfully got their own IHAs off the ground. Remembering that with the anticipated rate of change in both marketing and technology (not to mention your ambitious growth strategy), starting up your IHA is just a first step. 

And this session is also about the process and application you need to manage your in-house operation. Strong leadership is vital. ‘Club Culture’ is essential. And how settling for nothing less than the highest possible levels of thinking and creativity within an IHA can deliver ‘Creative Inside’.


Session 5: Optimize

How to optimize the hybrid model in managing across the agency resource. Measuring performance, collaboration between agencies, cross-agency synergies, and harmonious working with the rest of the organization. Above all judging both internal and external agencies by contribution to outcomes.


Session 6: Realize

In-house agencies are not ‘almost as good as…’. They can excel. They are capable of great work and achieving game-changing outcomes in the marketplace. In this final session we share examples of how exemplary leadership can take IHAs to success and recognition. We also talk about how award schemes can be a spur to creative excellence.