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Take a deep-dive into Creative Operations with our range of expert-led online courses. Watch the sessions anywhere, any time with on-demand access. Choose from:

Creative Operations Masterclass

7-Part Series
Designed particularly for in-house teams, each session in this series is curated and presented by a leading subject expert who will analyze and evaluate a broad range of experiences, strategies and perspectives. Each one will examine process, culture-building, effective reporting, strategic partnerships and appropriate use of technology, in addition to managing assets through a project lifecycle.

Building a Successful Creative Operations Optimization Program

6-Part Series
Creative Operations sits at the intersection of art and science. Turning creative ideas into true works of art requires a scientific approach. It requires the management of people, processes, technology and data in the most efficient way. This series will help you to find the opportunities within your organization to improve working processes and to ensure excellent execution of creative concepts. 

The Secrets behind Successful In-House Agencies: how to decide, plan, launch and thrive

6-Part Series
In-House Agencies (IHAs) are becoming the default for both new creative activity as well as the activities required to power brands within all marketing channels. This series will help you navigate the choices, decide what is best for your organization, get you started on the journey, and improve your set-up to take advantage of best practices.

Selecting the Right DAM for the 2020s

4-Part Series
In this series, we explore what is wrong with the traditional way of selecting DAM technology that often leads to bad choices. And we introduce a new, better way based on proven design thinking methodologies that will increase your chances of making the right choice.