Creative Operations New York 2023

Making Creative Work Better


Nate Essin

Metaverse Practice Leader

Aquent Studios

Nate brings a unique blend of creativity, technology, and business savvy to his role as Metaverse Practice Leader at Aquent Studios. He began his career as a filmmaker, founded and sold a digital agency, and later joined Accenture's internal team distributing 60,000 virtual reality headsets to employees. In his new role, he designed and developed Metaverse experiences to onboard employees to Metaverse technology. Afterward, Accenture's new Metaverse Thought Leadership team recruited him to develop business processes and contribute as an author. Nate's expertise has earned him appearances in the Wall Street Journal, Fortune, and Harvard Business School.

What others say

HS Creative Operations was a great chance to see people in person again, focus my attention on the presentations, and see how other agencies are tackling today's issues.

Dan Dove

HS Creative Operations events are not only insightful, but a great way to connect and network!

Alicia Jacolow
Saatchi & Saatchi

It was so easy to connect with the presenters - having some one-on-one time with them where I could ask specific questions was incredible!

Scott San Martin