Creative Operations New York 2023

Making Creative Work Better


Aleka Sansom

Executive Creative Director

Vanguard RHC

Hired as the Executive Creative Director of Vanguard’s In-house Agency (RHC) in 2019, Aleka modernized marketing development for enhanced retail customer engagement and turned the 30-person creative services organization into a 100+-person in-house ad agency, establishing Vanguard’s first-ever full-service in-house agency. Through her efforts, production capacity grew by 25%+, content engagement increased by 54%, $27.5M in value was created across Vanguard, and the new agency won 63 creative industry awards since 01/2021.

What others say

HS Creative Operations was a great chance to see people in person again, focus my attention on the presentations, and see how other agencies are tackling today's issues.

Dan Dove

HS Creative Operations events are not only insightful, but a great way to connect and network!

Alicia Jacolow
Saatchi & Saatchi

It was so easy to connect with the presenters - having some one-on-one time with them where I could ask specific questions was incredible!

Scott San Martin