Creative Operations New York 2022

Making Creative Work Better


Moving from Waterfall to Agile - Piloting an Agile Transition During Turbulent Times

May 4, 4:20 PM EDT

A case study of transformation – how a traditional Creative Studio moved from Waterfall to Agile methodology.

Eric Squires will discuss the lessons learned during the adoption of a web based, mobile Project Management (PM) software solution while remote creative teams grew in number and size

All while dealing with the combined challenges of:

  • An ever-increasing project workload
  • Constant changes to program, scope and schedule
  • Geographic separation

Eric will cover the specific Agile applications adopted and how they helped to increase efficiency, stakeholder transparency, collaboration and asset management.


New York Hilton Midtown Hotel

What others say

The HS Creative Ops events are like a double shot of espresso at 3 in the afternoon on a Wednesday, but the energy I get from it lasts all year! 

Michaele Cooper
Equinix Inc.

Such a beneficial experience! Can't wait to share take-aways with my team and put new strategies into action.

Kayla Hilditch
Commonwealth Financial

HS Creative Operations provided a rare substantive opportunity for me to meet with like minds in the industry, share common challenges and actionable solutions and leave with a real sense of comradery.

Britt Godshalk
Edelman Public Relations